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Why Bitcoin May Solve This Age-Old Economic Paradox

Travis Patron is the founder of Diginomics, a bitcoin news organization where professionals can enroll in the Bitcoin Economics Course. Here he explains why the stateless nature of bitcoin holds the potential to solve an age-old international monetary flaw. By Travis Patron | CoinDesk Although the United States Federal Reserve Note …

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How banks are trying squelch Bitcoin’s momentum

By Rupert Hackett | VentureBeat There is no question that Bitcoin is causing a lot of worry and hand-wringing in the banking sector — and in national governments uncertain of how to regulate it. It is, after all, a highly disruptive technology — one of very few alternatives the world …

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Liquid Bitcoin

By Jon Evans | Happy Halloween! Let’s talk about the scariest thing in the tech world today. No, no, not bubbles, drones, or unicorns: Bitcoin. Seriously. (Mostly.) Whether you think it’s a boondoggle scam, a libertarian Trojan horse that threatens governments, the scourge of Wall Street, or the thin …

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